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Experience of Barcelona Arquitectos:

Preliminary, basic and execution-technical designs, and works management in architecture projects.

Experience in various programs and applications: collective housing, family housing, apartments, buildings, schools and university, offices, shops, sports facilities, parking ... Residential, hotel and resorts projects. Pre-fab construction.

Rehabilitation projects, with and without changes of use, with or without involvement of original structures, alterations, repairs, facades... Experience in interventions in older protected buildings.

Projects of interior design, decoration, environment, household furniture, for private, commercial or industrial uses. Landscaping.

Reports, certificates, opinions, measurements, Legalization, Building permits, “Visat d'idoneïtat Tècnica”, consultations and interpretations urban...

Multidisciplinary work: industrial and commercial licenses, projects and legalization of all kind of technical facilities, air conditioning, heating, communications, demolition projects, security at works…

Our clients:

Private owners and developers. Collaborations with other offices of architecture, urban planning and engineering. Local Partners. Experience in procurement and national and international competitions. Professional Promoters: Project Management. Audits. Public institutions. Shops, business and industry, showrooms and offices. Communities of owners.

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